Incentive Layer

Zigzach incorporates an incentive layer to incentivize storage providers to store files reliably over time. This layer introduces a token-based economy, where users pay storage fees in a native token, and storage providers earn rewards based on their storage performance and availability.

Native Token

Zigzach operates using its native token, which serves as the medium of exchange within the network. Users pay storage fees in this token to store their files on the network. The native token facilitates transactions and incentivizes participants to contribute their resources to the network.

Storage Provider Rewards

Storage providers are rewarded based on their storage performance and availability. Providers who consistently store files correctly and make them accessible to users can earn rewards in the form of the native token. These rewards incentivize providers to maintain high-quality service and ensure the long-term persistence of stored files.

Storage Fees

Users pay storage fees to store their files on the Zigzach network. These fees are set by the storage providers and are typically influenced by factors such as the amount of storage required, the duration of storage, and market demand. The fees are paid in the native token and contribute to the overall economy of the network.

Competitive Marketplace

Zigzach fosters a competitive marketplace for storage providers, where they can set their own prices for storage services. This competition drives down costs and ensures that users have access to affordable storage options. The marketplace is transparent, allowing users to compare prices and choose providers based on their preferences and budget.

Incentivizing Reliability

The incentive layer of Zigzach encourages storage providers to store files reliably over time. Providers are financially motivated to maintain their storage infrastructure and ensure the availability of files. This incentivized approach increases the overall reliability of the network, reducing the risk of data loss and enhancing user confidence in the storage service.

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